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Web+ and Webplus Shop Training Manual
Because our product, Web+ is so easy to use, you may have thought that we didn't offer training, or tutorials. Well we're pleased to announce, that we provide, both online or on-site!

on-line training tutorial
With on-line training, you can simply access our web site to run through the tutorial. Each lesson includes examples and an interactive text entry box, where you can run the examples to see how they work. Try that with a paper manual. You can even copy the code that we provide to help jumpstart your applications and programs. The tutorial covers many of the most common uses for Web+ and provides sample code for each.

on-site training
Webplus offers customized on-site training. Our two and three day programs include a review of the basics, when appropriate, and provide materials for the new or experienced developer. Webplus also conducts frequent seminars and introductory courses throughout the year. We can provide end-user training for our solutions packages, such as Webplus Shop, and deliver programs for sales, marketing or product support teams.

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