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Webplus Shop Features
Webplus Shop Features

No upfront investment-You may have our software in hand a
offer it to your customers and pay nothing until you actually use it.
Reasonable lease or purchase pricing---Prices among the lowest in
the industry allow you to make a nice profit by charging your
customers whatever you choose.
Source code & modification rights included---You may modify
Webplus Shop/Web+Mall however you like, bringing in more revenue
for you by customizing sites for your high-end clients.
Payment gateway referral bonus---For each new emerchant you refer
to our partner payment gateway, you get $100!
Free updates & upgrades---With our leasing option, you receive free  
upgrades as they are released at no additional charge.
Web+---Web application server included at no additional charge.
Free ongoing support---Free technical support is provided with our
lease plan for as long as you lease.
Simple, yet functional---Webplus Shop is very simple to use from an
inexperienced emerchant's point of view, which means few questions directed to you.
Free resale support---We can provide you with literature, demo disks, advertisements for your website, and reference sites to help you promote sales.
Free Promotion---Our experienced marketing staff will do direct mailings and targeted telemarketing to promote your ecommerce hosting and get you new clients at no extra charge. No other shopping cart software company will do that!

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