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Webplus, Inc. is privately owned company and has been primarily financed by its two founders, three investors, and revenue from consulting operations. In November 1997, Webplus sold its GoWeb general consulting unit to KeyTech/Key Investment. Meanwhile, Webplus received its first major funding from Key Investment. In June 1998, Webplus was awarded the Technology Partnership Fund from Minnesota Technology, Inc. to further enhance the e-commerce capabilities of Webplus Shop. In October 1999, Victor Tong, CEO of Webplus, successfully secured US$550K of equity funding in Hong Kong.

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International Markets

Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and South East Asia

Webplus Inc. set up Webplus (Hong Kong) Limited in October 1999. The primary business objective for the Hong Kong office is to develop business, market, and distribute Webplus's software and to provide e-commerce consulting services to Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and other Asia Pacific countries.


In March, 2000, Webplus Inc. also set up Beijing office as Webplus (China) Limited in Beijing, China. The newly formed company will serve as a business development, sales/marketing, distribution, customer support, and technical support center serving the Greater China market.

Europe and Latin America

In January 2000, Webplus Inc. also expanded its European, Latin America and global distribution channels by setting up Webplus International with AMEX Inc., a high-tech export management company. Webplus International will be entirely financed by AMEX Inc. and will carry Webplus's entire product line.

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