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5000+ users have learned how to make an online store using Webplus Shop

Aberdeen, SD - January 19, 2012

Have you been wondering how to make an online store? Today Webplus Shop announced that more than 5000 people just like you have learned how to make an online store using the Webplus Shop ecommerce website hosting solution. Webplus Shop provides all of the tools necessary to help you learn how to make an online store from the comfort of your home. Webplus Shop is an easy to use, inexpensive way for individuals or small businesses to build and operate an online store website or to add a shopping cart to an existing business website.

"I tried several other ecommerce solutions that ended up costing me hundreds of dollars and I am so glad that I found Webplus Shop. Without the excellent customer service that I received I would have never learned how to make an online store which allows me to sell my bands merchandise," said Peter Burckhard, singer for Pops Blue Rhythm Band. As Pops Blue Rhythm Band and many other online merchants have discovered, with Webplus Shop there is no need to read books or spend hours online researching how to make an online store. Simply sign up and once you are logged in you can simply follow the "Store Setup Checklist". Follow the steps and ask a couple of questions and Webplus Shop has answered the question of how to make an online store.

"We receive many phone calls and emails every day from people asking how to make an online store. We also have several Webplus Shop users who have helped friends and family with learning how to make an online store. We’ve got quite the community of users and many very successful online merchants who have become expert Webplus Shop users," said Bryan Kriech, Webplus Inc COO. "Webplus Shop continues to be one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to for small merchants to open an online store and to sell their products online while learning how to make an online store an effective sales channel. In this economy it makes sense to explore every possible revenue stream including online sales. Webplus Shop fills this niche nicely. We are currently one of the only hosted ecommerce platforms which also provides merchants with a FREE option in addition to several paid plan options." For more information on Webplus Shop or to open your own online store with Webplus Shop, please visit www.WebplusShop.com or email sales@webplusshop.com.

About Webplus Shop

Webplus Shop is the easy way for small businesses and individuals to open an online store and to sell almost anything online 24×7. Small businesses can add a shopping cart to their existing websites quickly and easily with Webplus Shop. Or Webplus Shop can act as a stand-alone online store website. Webplus Shop displays products and processes orders in real time with support for a number of payment methods including PayPal and credit cards. The Webplus Shop shopping cart has been in continuous development by Webplus, Inc. since 1996 with a focus on ease of use and affordability. No programming knowledge is required to set up an online store or to make routine changes; we realize that most small businesses don’t have a computer programmer on staff and your time is better spent running your business than figuring out software. The Webplus Shop web hosting shopping cart is also very affordable with free packages available including the software, secure, US-based ecommerce website hosting with 99.9% uptime and your very own domain name. Webplus doesn’t take any percent of your sales to cut into the bottom line of your online business. Webplus also does not outsource any portion of our services and our customer support is unbeatable.

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