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Founded in 1994, Webplus Inc. develops, markets, and supports Web application development and server software for developing dynamic and server-based HTML/XML/WAP Internet and wireless applications, B2B and B2C e-commerce applications, and corporate intranet solutions. Headquartered in Minneapolis, USA, Webplus has a branch office in Aberdeen South Dakota USA, subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Beijing, and a joint-venture company in ShenZhen, China.

The Company spun off Talent Information Management (HK) Limited and sold its GoWeb general consulting division to Keytech, a company owned by a Minnesota billionaire in late 1997. In June 1999, the Company spun off PacificNet.com, a B2B service company listed on NASDAQ "PACT". In October 1999, Webplus established Webplus (Hong Kong) Ltd. The primary business objective for this HK office is to develop business, market, and distribute Webplus's software and to provide e-commerce consulting services to Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Malaysia and other Asia Pacific countries. Furthermore, in March 2000, Webplus set up its Beijing office as Webplus (China) Ltd. The newly formed company will serve as a business development, sales/marketing, distribution, customer support, and technical support center serving the Greater China market. Webplus also expanded its European, Latin America, and global distribution channels by setting up Webplus International.

Webplus Professional Services specializes in B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions and Internet/intranet development. Webplus has helped many small, medium, and multinational clients in various industries make full use of the web technology to take their business to the next level. In addition, Webplus provides online and on-site technical support and training services to empower developers and organizations to reduce the time-to-market and development cost and to enhance productivity and profitability.

Webplus offers the following lines of Internet/intranet software products:

  • Web+ ®, a Web application server, Internet Rapid Application Development (IRAD) tool, and middleware that enables developers to easily build scaleable, dynamic, HTML/XML/WAP and database-driven Web applications on multiple platforms such as Linux.
  • Webplus Shop™ , a powerful and easy-to-use e-commerce shopping-cart application. It allows merchants, ASPs, and ISPs to rapidly create Internet malls and online stores that sell products, manage inventory, track customers, fulfill orders, and perform secure credit-card transactions in North America, Europe, Greater China and other Asia Pacific countries. Since the Webplus Shop source code is commercially available, administrators have the flexibility to customize the application and integrate it with legacy systems.
  • Web+Suite™, a collection of pre-built applications written in Web+ that includes the electronic commerce enabled shopping cart applications Webplus Shop, Web+Conference, Web+Chat, Web+GuestBook, Web+AdBanner, Web+Counter, Web+TimeCard, Web+Classified, Web+Mail, Web+Pager, Web+Fax, Web+IntraOffice, Web+Enterprise, and other Internet/intranet applications for Small to Medium sized Enterprises.
  • Web+IntraOffice™ , a comprehensive communication and resource management tool for Corporate Intranet, Extranet, Enterprise B2B platform, ASP, and ISP that includes the office applications a business needs to stay connected. The features include E-Mail, Address Book, Calendar, Notice Board, Discussion Forum, Survey and Resource Booking. Webplus offers versions of Web+IntraOffice for both the Unix/Linux and Windows platforms.

Web+ ® and Webplus Shop were first released in 1996 with a number of subsequent upgrades and enhancement releases to date. To date, Web+, Webplus Shop and other Web+ Suite of applications have been distributed to over 100 countries via online and traditional distribution channels. A sample customer base includes:

  • Compaq, SuSE, IBM, Intel, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Xteam, Sir Speedy, Red Roof Inns, Lawson Software, Warner-Lambert, Schlumberger, Ring!Online, Onvoy, FishNet, VISI.com/DSL.net, Infinity Access Net (IAXS.com), PacificNet.com, it-school.net, PenFriend.com, Dawn Sign Press, ParadeOfHomes.org, CourageCards.org, CornerDrug.com, Haskells.com, Faroese Telecom, Telcomat Informatics Systems, TradeSearch.com, Rupp Technology Corporation, University of Minnesota, VITALink, International Assessment Network, Open Access Technology International, Mid-area Continental Power Poll (including over 75% of the North American Power Generators), Sportscars.com, KnowHowZone.com, Rock International, EvolutionHawaii.com, and Fintec, a leading Fertilizer trader.

Through increasing marketing activities and attending numerous major industry trade shows, Webplus is aggressively expanding its web of strategic alliance partners, solution providers, ISP/ASP hosting partners, distributors, and resellers. To create complementary products, Webplus has established alliances and technology integration partnerships with RedHat Linux, SuSE Linux, LinuxMall.com, CyberCash/ICVerify, Microsoft, Netscape, Sun, IBM, and others. Recently, Webplus began bundling Web+ with other vendor software such as Turbo Linux as an OEM add-on application onto servers deployed by theLinuxStore.com. Webplus's latest OEM bundling and technology partners includes Compaq, Cardservice International, XTeam Linux, SuSE Linux, LinuxCentral.com, and BluePoint Linux. Cardservice International is a leading provider of electronic commerce and credit card processing. Compaq is the largest computer system supplier in the world. XTeam Linux and BluePoint Linux are two leading Linux distributors in China. LinuxCentral.com is dedicated to offering the Linux community the best possible service available. SuSE is the oldest major Linux solutions provider.

Company Milestones:


  • Web+ Inc. was founded in Minneapolis as Talent Information Management, LLC ("TIM").


  • Web+ was developed as a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool to address the need to rapidly develop Web applications efficiently.


  • Web+ 2.0 was released with more features than any other competitors.
  • Webplus Shop 1.0 was released and deployed to www.haskells.com.
  • it-school.net web site and application was released by TIM (HK).


  • Web+ 3.0 was released and downloaded by users in over 50 countries.
  • Microsoft tested and awarded Web+ with the "Designed for BackOffice" Logo.


  • Web+ 4.0 and Webplus Shop 3.0 were released, integrating Seagate Software's Crystal Reports.
  • Minnesota Technology, Inc awarded the Technology Partnership Fund to enhance Webplus Shop.
  • CyberCash Internet Payment Service was integrated into Web+ and Webplus Shop.
  • Web+ was bundled with RedHat Linux.


  • Webplus Shop 4.0 was awarded 4.5 Stars out of 5 Stars rating by Internet.com's e-Commerce Guide
  • Webplus Shop 4.5 was released on 6 platforms including Linux.
  • PacificNet.com was spun off as an individual entity.


  • Web+ 4.6 and Webplus Shop 4.6 were released and downloaded by users in over 100 countries.
  • First round of private equity financing was raised.
  • Customer Support Center branch office was opened in Aberdeen, South Dakota.
  • Partnership was formed with SuSE. SuSE Linux 7.0 began bundling Web+.
  • Web+IntraOffice was derived from the popular it-School, which was used in hundreds of schools.
  • Compaq China and XTeam Linux started bundling Web+ and Webplus Shop.
  • Partnership agreements signed with Cardservice International, LinuxCentral.com, eLinux and SinoLinux.
  • OATI's Web+ based ETS had processed more than one million energy transaction tags for approximately 350 organizations in North America. OATI e-Commerce services were used to manage nearly 100% of the electric energy interchange transactions in the Eastern power grid by providing tagging services to 98% of the electric utility operational authorities and approximately 85% of the power marketing organizations.
  • Webplus signed resellers in Japan, Malaysia, China, HK, Saudi Arabia, & many European countries.


  • Web+Mall and Web+Enterprise were introduced.
  • SINA and Webplus launched co-branded sina.webplus.com e-Commerce and e-Business web site.
  • Webplus Shop lease version introduced.
  • Web+ v5.0 offically released.
  • Authorize.net is integrated into Webplus Shop.
  • Webplus Shop v4.7 is released, adding the promotional features previously in Web+Mall.


  • Webplus moves to an expanded headquarters in Eagan, MN.
  • Webplus signs partnership agreement with Meramak Bankcard to provide payment gateway and merchant account services to Webplus Shop users.
  • Webplus Shop v4.7.2 is released.
  • Webplus, Inc. acquires the assets and operations of Webplus, Inc. Webplus, Inc. continues to support and promote the Webplus line of products without interruption.


  • Webplus, Inc. launches the "China Market Credit" website, China's premier personal credit website.
  • Webplus, Inc. unveils it's new company logo.
  • Webplus Shop v5.0 is released, adding real-time FedEx, USPS, and UPS shipping charge calculation.
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