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Web+ development language WML
      Developer's Edition
      (2 concurrent users) - $109.00

      Professional Edition
      (25 concurrent users) - $595.00

      Commercial Edition
      (unlimited conectivity) - $1095.00

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Web+ web application server

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Webplus's Web+ is a powerful and comprehensive development language for use in creating web-based client/server applications without writing complicated, low-level and time-consuming CGI programs. Web+ applications are written in Web+ Markup Language (WML), a scripting language based on the Basic programming language and HTML. Familiarity with Basic and HTML enables programmers to quickly learn Web+ and begin writing Web+ applications. Web+ enables rapid and easy creation of highly functional web pages that integrate with databases, file systems, e-mail, Java applets, legacy applications, executable programs (EXEs), dynamic-link libraries (DLLs) and shared objects (SOs) on many different operating systems. Web+ also communicates with any TCP/IP applications and simplifies database integration so that dynamic and interactive web pages can be designed quickly and easily.

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