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Kayode: Web+ Developer
Case Study Information:
                                MaxIT Corporation
                                Open Access Technology International(OATI)
MaxIT Corporation
is an award-winning developer of e-Learning technologies providing low-cost, high-quality solutions to develop and manage learning experiences for small to medium size business enterprises. MaxIT selected Webplus?s Web+ to develop its next-generation learning management application, LearnerWeb. LearnerWeb is designed to allow organizations to rapidly implement learning portals on company intranets or the WWW to allow employees or customers to self-service their training needs and to allow for the secure administration of any type of training (instructor, on-line, on-the-job, lending library?-) that the organization may offer.

To build a learning management solution that allows for user-self registration and separate management access. The system must provide secure access; segmenting data to allow managers to only see the data they need to see. The system must allow for rapid customization by the customer and provide a simple, clean user interface for users not familiar with using a web-based application. The solution must be scalable from a couple hundred users to thousands and operate on either side of the firewall when used on intranet, VPNs and/or the Internet.


MaxIT select the Web+ development tool and middleware from Webplus to develop LearnerWeb. With Web+, MaxIT created a series of user-configurable objects that can be manipulated with simple configuration records that control the functionality and the look and feel of LearnerWeb. By only having to support the core LearnerWeb objects or components, LearnerWeb creates an easier system to deploy and maintain and drastically lowers the entry cost for organizations looking to bring web-enabled training management and learning on-line. Organizations are able to adapt LearnerWeb to their terminology, color schemes and features they want to use. LearnerWeb leverages Web+ technology to provide robust scalability including support of multiple databases, built-in load balancing and secure interoperability through corporate firewalls.

MaxIT's LearnerWeb is a 100% browser-based learning management solution that operates on customer intranets or as a hosted solution directly from MaxIT. LearnerWeb allows employees and customers to quickly self-serve their training needs/requirements, which reduces the calls into the training department and is more convenient for the user. If on-line is training is offered through the portal, LearnerWeb is able to launch, deliver and track the training progress. Managers are able review training histories, determine who needs training, who hasn?t completed training and assign training. Administrators are able to easily maintain the application and schedule self-running jobs to maintain the database and broadcast different types of training related communications to users and managers. Some Key features of LearnerWeb include:
*A simple, intuitive tab user-interface *All screens in LearnerWeb can be customized by the customer (administrator).

*Launch and track AICC/SCORM conformant learning materials including over 900 approved commercial on-line courses
*Manage training records for employees, customers or both
*Track any kind of training including: instructor, on-the-job, on-line
*Student module that allows rules-based self-registration and the user to have quick access to history and training requirements
*Manager Module providing secure, auditable access allowing managers to only see people they are authorized to see and application restrictions based on a security profile
*Batch entry wizards to quickly create training histories or manager based enrollments.
*Pre-built (group-based) and Custom (for a single user) creation of training requirement lists.
*Registration authorization workflows with integrated email notification
*For ISO/FDA/OSHA Regulated industries, LearnerWeb supports training requirements associated with versions to ensure users are trained to current the version and automatically notified of revisions
*For organizations needing to track Certifications/Licenses, LearnerWeb supports accumulated CEUs (credits and unit based) and user specified courses that satisfy requirements
*Supports MS-Access, SQL Server or Oracle database
*And many more features?-. LearnerWeb is designed for organizations that want a full-featured learning management system with user customization and scalability at an affordable investment. With Web+ as the underlying technology, MaxIT is able to offer, feature for feature, the most cost-effective learning management system in industry today.

Open Access Technology International (OATI)
provides integrated system solutions to electric utilities to monitor and control the flow of electric energy. Webplus provided OATI with the tools and the expertise to create ETS (Energy Trading System). ETS is an easy to use market enabling software system designed to allow geographically diverse energy market participants to engage in a variety of trading activities. ETS was developed using Webplus's Web+, rapid web application development tool and middle ware.

To build a web-based scheduling system for energy traders and energy transmission operators. The system must also provide validation of energy trading transactions, as a requirement under the NERC (North American Energy Readiness Council).

Webplus provided OATI with the tools and the expertise to create webSchedulerTM, a comprehensive web-enabled scheduling system designed for the electrical energy trading market. webScheduler offers real-time validation of energy trading transactions (also known as "tags") and fully complies with the NERC electronic tagging requirements. webScheduler is written in Web+, Webplus's development language middleware tool.

OATI's webScheduler is accessible from and ordinary web-browser and has an automated interface to the transaction management and tagging operations of OATI's Energy Trading System (ETS). Electric power marketers and energy transmission operators can use OATI's webScheduler to generate schedules for any time period based on the NERC tags. The schedules can also be created automatically or by manual entry. webScheduler also includes many more features made available from Webplus's Web+. The individual features can be configured to meet the individual company's needs and include:

* Displays that help users manage assets, obligations and positions.
* Hourly, daily or monthly scheduling display.
* Fast data entry via a simple "point-and-click" operation.
* Query-based information management system.
* Historical data storage and retrieval capabilities.

OATI's webScheduler is actually one component from a suite of applications called the Energy Trading System (ETS). ETS was designed to allow geographically diverse energy market participants to engage in a variety of trading activities. All components of ETS were developed using Webplus's Web+, a powerful and comprehensive development language for use in creating web-based client/server applications.

ETSTM, webSchedulerTM, OATITM, etc are trademarks of Open Access Technology International, Inc.
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